Welcome to Client Data Conversions

No appointment or scheduling necessary!

Files can be submitted at any time and, once successfully received, a confirmation email with an identifying submission number will be sent by our system. Once processing is complete, a notification email will be sent with instructions for retrieving the files.

What will be converted?

Detailed information regarding conversions can be found by clicking on the appropriate link for the product you are converting from. Converted data generally contains:

  • Personal information
  • Most major IRS schedules and income reporting forms
  • Federal Carryover amounts, when available
  • Federal Depreciation Asset detail
What will NOT be converted?

Tax conversions are not intended to create a historical record or to replicate your original tax return. Instead, they are intended to facilitate transition to CCH Axcess tax or ProSystem fx. Examples of the types of information not included are listed below. Conversion Details documents can be viewed by clicking the software name to get a more comprehensive view of what is – and is not – converted.

  • State data of any kind unless specifically referenced in our detailed documentation, including state differences from federal amounts.
  • Carryovers not specifically identified in our detailed documentation.
  • Preparer, Signer, and other Firm information.