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This site will allow for the secure transfer of your data files to the Wolters Kluwer Conversions Lab for processing. Returns will be converted and returned to you with no appointment or scheduling necessary. Once your files have been successfully received, a confirmation email will be sent.

The Conversion Data Processing Lab converts tax returns from competitor software into the following CCH® Tax Products:

  • CCH Axcess Tax
  • ProSystem fx
  • Global fx

BNA files can also be submitted for preprocessing prior to import into ProSystem fx Fixed Assets.

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New to Tax Conversions

Review the conversion details for the competitor you are converting below. It is important to understand the conversion process, what is converted, and what to expected from your converted data.

If you have any questions concerning the conversion process, please contact a Conversion Specialist for assistance.

BNA Data Preprocessing

Are you looking to submit your BNA Fixed Assets data for preprocessing work in order to import into ProSystem fx Fixed Assets? Start here...

All other Fixed Asset imports, please contact Fixed Asset support @ 1-800-739-9998 Options 3-2-1

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What Will Be Converted

  • Personal information (taxpayer, spouse, dependents, etc.)
  • Most major IRS schedules and income reporting forms
  • Federal Carryover amounts, when available in the competitor data files (see competitor Information Guide for Carryover Worksheets)
  • Federal Depreciation Asset detail

Our data conversion process supports the following competitors and modules for 2018 Pro Forma conversions. Click on any competitor name for detailed conversion information. Contact Conversion Support for availability of conversions for prior years.

1040 1065 1120 1120S 1041 990 5500
GoSystem Tax RS
UltraTax CS

What Will NOT Be Converted

The conversion is not intended to replicate your source tax return. Below are some examples of the types of information that will NOT be converted. For a complete list, refer to the Data Converted documents for the competitor software.

  • State data of any kind, including state difference for depreciation or carryovers
  • Carryover amounts converted vary by converting software. Refer to the detail documents for specific information.
  • Estate & Gift Tax Returns (706/709) for any competitor. Some competitors may have additional return type limitations
  • Preparer, Signer, and other Firm Information